Two A1's for only £98! (Save £220)

Two A1's for only £98! (Save £220)

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Offer ends midnight Wednesday 19th November. SOLD OUT!!

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Save a MASSIVE £220 (70% Off) for yourself or as a gift for others

For each purchase of the Special Offer Pack, we will include:


Great Value with this Combi Pack

The SmartSpeaker (A1) is a battery powered totally wireless audio system, allowing you the freedom to take the speaker with you and use it wherever you are. The SmartSpeaker (A2) has all the great features of the SmartSpeaker (A1), but without the battery, making it ideal for using as a permanent addition to any room in the house.

Please see the details above to see what is included in this pack.

Enjoy Apple Music in Multi-Room Audio

With iTunes (Apple Music) on a Mac or PC and two or more SmartSpeakers, enjoy the only true spatially separated stereo, and synchronised music throughout your home.

Apple AirPlay

With Apple AirPlay already built into your iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, iPod touch and iTunes (on a Mac or PC), no additional software or hardware is necessary. The AirPlay functionality is automatically enabled when the SmartSpeaker is detected on your network, giving you complete control over your listening experience direct from your device.

Immaculate Sound

A unique combination of digital amplifiers and BMR drivers provides a wide dispersion of sound that fills every inch of the room with the highest quality audio. Unlike Bluetooth, Apple AirPlay utilises lossless transmission technology to ensure your music reaches the SmartSpeaker in perfect condition.

No Remotes Needed

When using your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, everything is controlled directly from the device.

Whilst streaming music from iTunes (on a Mac or PC). You can also download and use the free Apple REMOTE App on your iPhone, iPad, iPad mini or iPod touch to control song choice and volume.

Multi-Room Audio

With iTunes on a Mac or PC and two or more SmartSpeakers, enjoy true spatially separated stereo, and synchronised music throughout your home.
For independent listening, any of the the SmartSpeakers on your network can also be controlled individually from an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or another computer running iTunes.

Wi-Fi Direct Mode

You can now connect an iPhone, Mac or PC directly to the SmartSpeaker's own network, without needing a wireless router - so you can listen to your locally stored music on the SmartSpeaker even when it isn't in range of a Wi-Fi network.

Compatible with your favourite Apps

Enjoy listening to high resolution audio from thousands of Apps, including Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, Google Play Music, Sky Go, BBC iPlayer and TuneIn Radio.

Easy Setup

Setting up the SmartSpeaker is quick and simple. Just plug your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch into the back of the speaker using your Apple charging cable and briefly press both volume buttons on the top of the speaker and tap allow on your iOS device, and the speaker will automatically conect to your Wi-Fi Network. In next to no time you will be streaming high quality wireless audio to the SmartSpeaker.
(iOS 5 or later is required to use this feature but other setup methods are available.)

DLNA for Android and Windows Devices

The SmartSpeaker is compatible with DLNA, so it can also be used as a playback device from and DLNA capable app on Android and Windows devices. You can also control your iTunes library from an Android device using an app such as Hyperfine's Remote for iTunes App.