Press Activity

GQ magazine

“Thank heavens, then, for the AirPlay SmartSpeaker, which not only comes with Apples wire free tech, but also a battery life of ten hours”

Q Magazine

“An amp 20 times more efficient then class D amplifiers and multi room audio is achieved by adding more speakers. Simple.”

Life of Android

“Great for a groove in the garden, a bop on the beach or, indeed, anywhere else your Wi-Fi won’t reach and audio excellence is the order of the day, a rechargeable battery gives you a whopping 10 hours of playback, while a special ECO Friendly Power mode switches the SmartSpeaker off automatically when not in use.”


“Unlike most other AirPlay- and network-enabled speakers, the SmartSpeaker also streams music directly from mobile devices via Wi-Fi when outside a home’s Wi-Fi network.”


“As a standalone speaker, the SmartSpeaker offers stereo sound from its two drivers. Additionally, two SmartSpeakers can be paired for left and right channel separation, and speakers can be placed around the house for multi-room audio”

Ipad and iphone user

“ The sound quality is achieved by two drivers in each enclosure, aided by ALLROOM technology that radiates sound wave dispersion to every part of the room”

Sport Magazine – London

“ Its all well and good being able to stream music wirelessly from your player to speaker, but if the speaker is plugged in, your still constrained”

Live Magazine

This week’s must have, must see, must do…

“ Are gadgets finally getting simple again?…. The SmartSpeaker is totally wirless and plays songs from your iPhone – or from your PC”


“ The SmartSpeaker Wireless+ Portable can play back more than 10 hours of music and audio content before needing a recharge, and its also compatible with Android smartphones and tablets, and Windows devices that rock Windows 7 or above.”


“The 24W unit features two drivers, and if you buy two you can set one as right and one as left….As it can be powered using internal rechargeable battery as well as the mains, its also very portable”


“ Each speaker contains a 24W digital amp and can be controlled from an iPhone or iPad with Apple AirPlay”


“Spartan speaker system that uses AirPlay to link to your iThing (Pod, Phone, Pad), making it beautifully sparse. It still emits a lovely rich sound though”


“Apple`s AirPlay has happily brought an end to the reign of plasticky docks, ushering in an age of sleek, streaming devices. The SmartSpeaker are the latest to rock Apple`s tech”

PC advisor

“ The SmartSpeaker works over a Wi-F network and can be paired with a specific Smartphone or iPod….ideal for providing the entertainment at a party. “

Independent – 50 best Gadgets

“The brushed metal finish of the SmartSpeaker uses Apple`s AirPlay technology to stream all your iTunes music wirelessly”