Wi-Fi Network Connected Wireless Speakers

AirPlay allows you to transmit music to any of the speakers in your house at the click of a button. Transmit to a single speaker directly from your iOS Device, or transmit to multiple speakers at the same time using iTunes on a Mac or PC. Using the Remote App, you can connect multiple speakers to iTunes and control them all remotely from your iOS Device. AirPlay is also built into many Apps available from the App Store, so you can instantly stream the sound from tv, radio, and some games to any connected speaker.

Android Devices don’t get left out either, The SmartSpeaker has been updated to include compatability with DLNA Certified Apps running on Android, and our own app, Play The SmartSpeaker, is available free of charge to connect your music to our speakers.

Our Portable AirPlay speaker utilises a built-in rechargeable battery and Apple’s AirPlay technology to enable you to enjoy totally wire-free home audio.

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